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            Raysen(Tianjin) Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd whose main products are medical face mask,surgical gown,surgical packs,coverall,isolation gown,surgical drapes,other non-woven products and so on.

            Raysen is a group enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales service.


            Raysen Healthcare (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

            Raysen Healthcare Products Ltd

            Raysen(Tianjin) Healthcare Products Pte.Ltd.


            Raysen(Tianjin) Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd covers an area of 20,000m2 and a construction area of 12,000m2.It has a 4,000m2 of Class 100,000 purification workshop,and 12,000m2 ethylene oxide sterilization workshop. 

            Class 10,000 laboratory has a complete set of experimental testing equipment that can detect the ethylene oxide residues, microorganisms, microbial and particulate filter effects filter effect of face mask, etc.

            The group company has established more than 20years,and always committing to the research and development of disposable medical sensing products. The products have a complete domestic and international certification 

            system and have been sold to many large hospitals and medical institutions at home and abroad.

            Raysen never stops,welcome friends from all of the world!


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