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            Surgical Nonwoven Products- Guard of Health

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            Together with the big attack of SARS in China, viruses like bird flu and H1N1 come to us one after another. Medical system tightened their control of viral infection and iatrogenic infection. To comply with the situation, surgical nonwoven product manufacturers are all trying to improve the barrier property of their products.  As a member of the manufacturers Raysen improve our product barrier property and physical-mechanical properties by using wet process, Imitation stick/SMS, spunlace/spunlace composite techniques. Meanwhile, our products have strong capability of resistance to tearing. They block body fluid and blood, maintaining the wearing comfort of air permeability. Our products include surgical drapes, surgical gowns, surgical caps, shoe covers, one step process sterile packs and full set of nonwoven product medical inspection care packs. The sterile pack plays an important role in hospitals. It is a kind of SMS pack, including surgical instruments which could be recycled such as orthoterion, surgical knife and other metal instruments. The instruments are packed by SMS first and then sterile processing. Usually it is Steam sterilization. It is always completely packed during sterilization, storage and transportation. In the germ free surgical room the pack will be open and started to use, which ensure the perfect of sterile.

            Advantages of Stability and Environmental Friendliness

            Life cycle assessment data shows that comparing with disposable products the reusable cotton or linen fabrics for surgery need more water, energy and labor. The adding cost for reusing products and losing of stability make hospitals turning to using disposable nonwoven surgical products. Nonwoven surgical products are easy to produce and dispose, having a competitive cost performance. It has a better chain from production to disposing than reuse woven fabrics. Although the reusable products have a better price, the barrier property will decrease and more fiber losing rate which increase the risk of infection if they are used for a long time, reusing over 50 times.  If we calculate the cost based on a long term disposable nonwoven products have features of low cost, stability and environment friendliness.

            The Trend of Surgical Nonwoven Products

            Better capabilities of barrier property and prevent infection are the development direction of disposable nonwoven products. The European and North America markets are mature for disposable nonwoven products. 80% hospitals use it now. But it’s only 12.5% using rate in Asia and South America markets. It’s definitely big potential markets for Raysen.
            According to the research of PGI, nonwoven products could be placed into human body, making sure its compatible to human body. It can be absorbed by human body and the time is not long. This is the ideal aim of the nonwoven research people.
            Developing with the improvement of surgery level the design of the surgical nonwoven drapes will changes a lot too.
            Under the trends Raysen will improve its techniques and product range to provide a better service for the patients and staffs.


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